Common Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a New Mattress

Buying a new mattress is not an everyday task because a reliable quality mattress like the memory foam mattress will last for almost ten years. So, it is quite evident that no one bothers to buy a new mattress for an average period of 10 years.

The “not buying a new mattress period” can lead to several misunderstandings firstly, because the mattress industry is changing at a rapid speed second because most of us do not care about the mattresses.

This article will reveal some very common mistakes that we knowingly or unknowingly commit while buying a new mattress.

Only considering the price

There are two types of people

  • One who only cares for an expensive mattress, thinking it will have the best features.
  • Two, those who think they should not pay some extra bucks, and all mattresses are the same.

The first category may get a good mattress, but the second one will be at risk. The cheapest product in the market does not come with everything. The same goes for the mattresses. Mattresses available at a lower rate are compressed foams usually, also known as the bed in the box.     

On the other hand, a lot of people relate the quality of the mattress with the price. This relationship is not true for all the mattresses. Sometimes, overly priced mattresses are not suitable for you as it is not necessary that they will come with the desired qualities.

People buy the firm mattresses.

Do a little survey before you get out to buy the mattresses. You would see that most buyers will say that they are looking for a firm mattress. This confusion between firmness and support is really disturbing and will obviously lead to a waste of money.

A firm mattress is not a recommend quality when you are thinking of buying a supportive mattress. By firmness of a mattress, we mean the material used at the top of the mattress, causing serious issues once sagged.

On the other hand, a mattress’s support is the flexibility of a mattress to hold your body in place without letting you sink. That is possible with a soft mattress, which is nowhere near the term firm. 

Giving time to your mattress

People are always in a hurry. They would expect that their body will immediately adjust to a new sleeping surface, which is wrong. According to research, there comes a transition period when your body adjusts to the new sleeping surface. 

It can take longer, especially when it was used to sleep on a broken or very old mattress. Thinking of buying or replacing the new mattress after a few days will only waste your time and money. Therefore, it is essential to check the duration return policy before buying a mattress.

Not considering the selling policies.

Buying a mattress sounds like only paying the shopkeeper for saying that “this mattress is yours.” You need to ask if the sellers are offering any delivery because you cannot carry a huge mattress home in your car.

Along with the delivery, there are a few essential things to check as well. these are

  • The warranty.
  • Return policy
  • The home trial period.


New high-quality mattresses are quite expensive; you need to do proper research to find the best mattress. There is a lot to do from understanding your need after a proper situational and need analysis to communicate it to the sellers. If you follow all the requirements, no one can stop you from buying the most reliable mattress.