Some Pros and Cons of Reddit Purple Mattress

Purple mattresses do not really suit the standard categorization of foam, silicone, innerspring, as well as hybrid. They use a patented elastic substance in a grid shape and market them as “no stress support.” The product is called the Purple Module. Inventors Tony & Terry designed the product. We will examine the initial Purple version, which has an upper surface of almost 2 inches of a poly grid content and compare it with the newer Purple versions, including a coating of supporting foam and a surface of grid substance. There’s no right option for every customer. When shopping for a mattress, it considers factors like cost, health status, sleeping position and size. This offers helpful suggestions for buying the right form of Purple mattress for yourself. If you are looking for a reddit purple mattress, you should first check out its pros and cons.

Components Included in Purple Mattresses  

  • Each mattress has an upper surface of a polymer grid composed of almost 1-inch patches two, three, and even four inches thick.
  • The non-stick coating is harmless to the user, as well as preventing the material from binding together. It is (explicitly, polymer) copolymer material.
  • The solid materials used are FDA authorized.
  • The foam layers are certified as vegan as well as recyclable.
  • Mattresses are made of fire-proof material.
  • Mattresses include a coarse, durable pad composed of viscose (28 percent), polymers (68 percent), & Lycra, almost 4 percent.

Purple Mattress Advantages and Disadvantages

Following are some pros and cons of purple mattress:

Purple Pros

  • A large proportion of Purple mattress customers say that their mattresses are supportive and relieving and find pressure relief in them.
  • Purple mattresses provide a cooling effect.
  • Digital customer support is efficient, informative, and fast.
  • In-person shipment is free  
  • Mattresses come from the U.S.
  • You will sleep on this mattress for three months, and if you’re not satisfied with it, then you get another 100 days to return the mattress. They will make arrangements to have your return delivered if you ordered from their site.
  • You can purchase the mattress online or from a nearby discount mattress shop.

Purple Cons 

  • The poly grid requires some time to get used to it, some reviewers have commented. If you prefer a specific mattress, you might not even be able to completely adapt to the Purple Grid.
  • Premium versions are exorbitantly priced.
  • Mattresses of various sizes are big.
  • You will need to be able to purchase new covers. Purple brings its line of proprietary stretchy sheets. These are outside the budget.
  • Purple’s bed sheets are not reusable. The mattress covering can be cleaned, but we suggest that you not consider removing it even to wash it but instead, we suggest spot cleaning.
  • You can buy a mattress cover so you can prevent mosquito bites. When queried, a customer service representative advised, “It’s your choice.” If you have children or pets, then that’s an important choice to make. If you want to utilize a mattress cover, then we suggest a stretchy one, so it doesn’t produce a ‘drum-like’ sensation and stick to the mattress.”.
  • If you purchase your Purple mattress over the internet, you have only one 30-day time span for return. Consumers who bought products from e-commerce sites reported that Purple would not pick-up refunds from famous sites.